We got to know Leon when he was the DP (director of photography) for Nikon's 100th Year video, where our photographer Bryan was featured. They hit it off instantly for having the same wavelength at work and here we are working together once more.

Denise and Leon started off their pre-wedding shoot in the Loft Suite at Fullerton Hotel. The light coming through the double storey French doors provided a beautiful backdrop for Denise’s blush pink gown. It was like a scene out of a Disney fairytale, the princess having her first dance with the prince.

For the next part of their shoot, they decided to incorporate their professions, Leon, a director of photography and Denise, a Singapore Airlines Air Stewardess. These two were really fun to photograph, there would be quiet intimate moments and the next minute they would burst out laughing. These little fleeting moments are what we love to capture! It’s them being them and the real moments that they share in their everyday life.

  • Venue: The Fullerton Hotel, Singapore @fullertonhotel
  • Makeup: Linda Lee @lindalino_makeup 
  • Photography: Antelope Studios @antelopestudios
  • Gown: Rico A Mona @ricoamona

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